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Comparison of oxygen therapy with simple face mask and nasal canola on hemoglobin oxygen saturation (16156 Downloads)
The Effects of Evening Primerose on Clinical Obstetrics of Iran: A Review Study (12321 Downloads)
Application of Peplau’s theory of Interpersonal Relations in Nursing Practice: A systematic review study (7160 Downloads)
Exploring the experience of prostate surgery among male patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: a qualitative content analysis (6470 Downloads)
Common X-ray machine quality control in hospitals affiliated with Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences (6142 Downloads)
Predict of job performance and resiliency based on personality characteristics (6123 Downloads)
Challenges of Nurse-Patient Communication in Iran: A Review Study (5599 Downloads)
Weaning Indices of Mechanical Ventilator: An Integrative Review of the National Published Articles (5543 Downloads)
Evaluation of Heart Rate Fluctuations with Two Frequency and Time Domain Methods Following Aerobic Training in Academic Active Men (4876 Downloads)
Relationship Between Body Mass Index With Physical Activity and Some of demographicCharacteristics among students in kurdistan university of medical sciences. (4821 Downloads)
Investigating the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction among Employee of Esfarayne Faculty of Medical Sciences in 2017 (4545 Downloads)
The Study of the relationship between family functioning and mental health among the employees of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences (4487 Downloads)
Parents' parenting styles with perfection in single-parent families and several children (4111 Downloads)
The perspective of public health students of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences regarding field of study and future career and its related factors in 2014 (4044 Downloads)
Toxic epidermal necrosis syndrome after taking nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs: a case report (3941 Downloads)
Study of tendency of psychology students to addiction based on personality characteristics (neo) (3698 Downloads)
Intention to Leave of Nurses and Related Factors: A Systematic Review (3463 Downloads)
The relationship between pain score and change in physiological indices of premature neonates under ventilation (3053 Downloads)
Pregnancy in the non-communicating rudimentary horn of a unicornuate Uterus: a case report of Saghez (2657 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Sexual skills Training on Women's Sexual Schemas, Sexual Self-Esteem and Sexual Satisfaction of Women Referring to Isfahan Counseling Centers (2463 Downloads)
Nursing cares quality in nurses (2381 Downloads)
Shortage of Men Nurses in the Hospitals in Iran and the World: A Narrative Review (2305 Downloads)
The Study of Self-care behaviors and its related factors in patients with congestive heart failure hospitalized in cardiology wards of Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj city (2301 Downloads)
The Study of the relationship between ABO blood groups with gastric cancer and its staging (2151 Downloads)
The Relationship between emotional intelligence and mental health of nursing students at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 2013 (1972 Downloads)
Actual Position of Patient Safety Culture in the Health System: A Review Study (1959 Downloads)
Uterine Round Ligament Fibroma: A Case Report (1933 Downloads)
Exploring the experiences of ICU nurses caring for end stage patients: a qualitative study (1913 Downloads)
Effects of training Pilates and Aerobic on happiness and desire for physical in inactive women (1842 Downloads)
The study of comparison of baby care during transfer to other medical centers with favorable conditions in selected hospitals of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences (1798 Downloads)
The relationship between moral sensitivity and its dimensions with demographic characteristics of nurses in Shahid Madani hospital of Khorramabad in 2017 (1796 Downloads)
Strategies of Professional Nursing Autonomy (1793 Downloads)
Evaluation of Prevalence of Depression and Its Related Factors among Women with Breast Cancer Referred to the Radiotherapy Center of Tawhid Hospital of Sanandaj, Iran in 2017 (1782 Downloads)
Nursing Care from the Human Caring Theory Lens in a Female Breast Cancer Patient: A Care Case Study (1779 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction on Anxiety in Pregnant Women (1768 Downloads)
Evidence-based review in the field of developing critical appraisal tools for quantitative studies (1715 Downloads)
The Effect of Orem’s Self Care Model on Physical Quality Of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (1681 Downloads)
Factors affecting the incidence of medication errors in nursing staff of Besat Hospital in Sanandaj City in 2011 (1675 Downloads)
Challenges for Improving the Quality of Nursing Care in Iran: A Systematic Review (1662 Downloads)
Medication adherence inhibitors and facilitators in type 2 diabetic patients: An Integrative review (1659 Downloads)
Comparing the effects of ethanol, Betadine, and ethanol-chlorhexidine gluconate on phlebitis induced by peripheral intravenous catheters (1637 Downloads)
Job Stress among Iranian nurses: a systematic review and meta-analysis (1587 Downloads)
Effect of an Incremental Interval Endurance Rope-Training Program on Antioxidant Biomarkers and Oxidative Stress in Non-Active Women (1538 Downloads)
Determining levels of psychosocial compatibility based on coping strategies and religious orientation in patients with multiple sclerosis (1519 Downloads)
The meaning of health from the perspective of a group of Iranian elderly: a qualitative study (1511 Downloads)
The effect of teaching World Health Organization prescription guidelines on the prescribing skills of midwifery students (1510 Downloads)
Evaluation of honesty and apology in nurses that serving patients from the viewpoints of patients (1422 Downloads)
Status of Patient-centered Care in Health System of Iran (1404 Downloads)
Assessing Barriers to Effective Communication between Nurses and Patients from Nurses Point of View (1401 Downloads)
Eeffect of “Tai Chi Chuan” on Anxiety among elderly women (1399 Downloads)
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